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[Recommended Reading] Interview with Dr. Laurent CHRZANOVSKI

Source: IJISC Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, Year 2014

“With a PhD in Roman Archaeology obtained at the University of Lausanne, a Postdoctoral Research Degree in History and Sociology at the Romanian Academy of Sciences, Cluj-Napoca Branch and an EU Habilitation to direct PhDs in History and related sciences, Laurent Chrzanovski is PhD co-director at the doctoral school of the University Lyon II Lumière and regularly holds postdoctoral courses within several major EU Universities; he is also Invited Professor at the Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu Universities as well as at the Polytechnics Universities of Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. He is the author/editor of 18 books and of more than a hundred scientific articles.” Read more…

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[Recommended Reading] Interview with Dr. Ray GENOE

Source: IJISC

Dr. Ray Genoe is a researcher and lecturer who is currently working for the Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigations at University College Dublin. His primary role involves providing education, training and operational solutions to the global law enforcement community in the field of cybercrime investigations.
Dr. Genoe has been working in the field of cybersecurity and cybercrime investigations for over 5 years, since completing his PhD in 2010. He has a broad experience in numerous fields, which include digital forensics, network security, privacy and data security, and legislation. Read more…

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