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BDEVOPS @ Adobe Romania in July

BDEVOPS @adobe in JULY

Thursday, Jul 27, 2017, 6:30 PM

Anchor Plaza, etajul 6, Bd. Timisoara, nr. 26Z, Sector 6 Bucuresti, RO

88 DevOps Hackers Attending

Enjoying some summer BDEVOPS talks with a delicious ice cream and great company!Title: How Adobe is deploying big data applications using containersAbstract:Are you curious how Adobe plans to process around 2.5 Bilions records per day, using containers? The session will introduce concepts like Docker, Mesos, Marathon and DC/OS, with a hands-on …

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Reliability Analysis of a Web Server by FTA Method

Authors: Gabriel PETRICA, Ionut – Daniel BARBU, Sabina – Daniela AXINTE, Cristian PASCARIU


“FTA (Fault Tree Analysis) is one of the most used methods for reliability analysis and to quantify the risks associated with the failures of systems. This method performs analysis of the combination of events that can lead to a critical system failure (called Top Event of the designed Fault Tree) and allows calculating the probability of failure. In this paper, has been built the Fault Tree for a Web server considering failures that may occur at hardware level (the basic components for the considered computer system). After realizing the Fault Tree, were made two types of analysis: qualitative (which led to the identification of minimal cut sets) and quantitative (this allowed the calculation of the probability of occurrence of the considered critical event – <<Web server not operational>>.” Read more…


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[Recommended Talk] Horia Galatanu @ TEDxBucharest

Source: TEDx Talks YouTube Channel

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[Recommended Event] ATEE 2017

Source: ATEE 2017

” The 10th International Symposium on ADVANCED TOPICS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING is the forum that stimulates active and effective exchange of information between researchers in various areas of theoretical and applied electrical engineering. Key leaders from private and state owned companies involved in will also be in attendance. ATEE 2017 is an IEEE listed conference.” Read more… 

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[Recommended] DefCamp 2016 – Official Overview

Source: DefCamp YouTube

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