E-learning Platform Development Model

Authors: Sabina – Daniela AXINTE, Gabriel PETRICAIonut – Daniel BARBU


“As digital life became more intertwined with our daily activities, humans developed an increasing reliance on cloud computing to sync data between all their devices, acquired 24/7 access to information through the internet, as well as the ability to share data from anywhere using a variety of methods. Predictably, technology began to exert its influence in education, with new practices of large-scale knowledge distribution advancing from concept to reality. It did not take long before the idea of a Quality Assurance e-learning platform emerged. To create it, however, one requires an appropriate software development model.
Software systems undergo a series of transformations that represent their outset, early development, transition to production, maintenance and retirement from one generation to the next. This paper examines and clarifies a variety of techniques for understanding or modeling how these systems are developed. Subsequently, the practice through which a suitable candidate for an e-learning platform is selected will be outlined and the product plan detailed.” Read more…


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